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Growing a small business is lonely. You're wearing multiple hats, putting out fires, and making it up as you go. Working through your toughest challenges with the right group of peers makes all the difference.

That's why we made Scalepath.

Scalepath plugs you into a community of growth-oriented peers who are in the trenches. It’s where you can come and not have all the answers, where you don’t have to look good. It’s the place to have your most important questions answered, and your answers questioned so you can find the clarity you need to lead.

Membership Overview

Peer Advisory Groups

A confidential advisory board built for you.

Once a month, you meet to work through challenges with 8-10 small business owners, guided by an executive facilitator.

Online Community

Private communication channels designed for conversations on relevant topics.

Ask questions, provide feedback, and search through thousands of discussion threads.

Actionable Playbooks

Guides and templates built by experts that give you step-by-step recipes to solve common business challenges.

Always practical, no theory, so you never start from scratch.

Speakers & Events

Direct access to experts across a range of topics. Tap into the experience, wisdom, and insights of those who have successfully grown and advised small businesses.

Always recorded and accessible.

Industries we Serve

Professional Services

Health & Medical

IT & Software


Membership Criteria

Scalepath only accepts small business owners and CEOs doing between $500k- $7m in annual revenue. We also require members and their employees to be in an office-based environment.

Our typical member is a professional services business with $1.8m in revenue, 8 employees, and growing 20% annually.

We do not accept applicants who are VC-backed, or businesses in the trades, home services, and restaurant industries.

Sound like you?