Membership Designed for Small Business Owners

Make better decisions, faster, as you scale.

Our Approach

Peer Advisory Groups

Confidential peer advisory groups are the foundation of the Scalepath experience. It’s your dedicated space to work through your biggest
challenges in a structured environment. Most small business owners don’t have a space to air out their problems. Our groups solve this.

Each peer advisory group has 10 members and meets 10 times yearly for 2.5 hours. Meetings are organized and led by a Chair using our proven issue processing system. Every Scalepath Chair has owned and operated a business that scaled. We accept less than 1% of Chairs who apply.

Online Community

Join a lively and supportive community built by owners, for owners. Collaborate, learn, grow, and establish lasting relationships alongside peers who understand the highs and lows of owning a small business. Designed to fit into your busy schedule.

Tailored discussion channels facilitate conversations on specific topics so you can dive deep into subjects that matter most to you. Channels are designed to get you better answers, faster, for all the things you can’t Google.

Actionable Playbooks

Playbooks and pre-built templates are step-by-step recipes designed to solve the challenges all small businesses face. We work with experts to distill decades of learning into actionable insights you can implement.

Small business owners face tough choices every day. Make confident decisions based on decades of trial and error from those who’ve done it multiple times. Never start from scratch when facing difficult, but common, pain points.

Speakers & Events

Get direct access to expert insights through Scalepath's live calls. Members can participate in Q&A sessions, connect with SMB pros in member-led talks, and get answers in office hours chats. Sessions are recorded for later reference, so members always have access.

Scalepath is primarily online-based and designed to fit into your busy schedule. That said, we know the value in-person events provide. Our Community Manager facilitates meetups across the country and we plan to host more in-person events as we continue to grow.

The Scalepath Platform

  • Playbooks
  • Templates
  • Expert Speakers
  • Member List
  • Expert Partners

Membership Criteria

Scalepath only accepts small business owners and CEOs doing between $500k - $7m in annual revenue.

We also require members and their employees to be in an office-based environment. Our typical member is a professional services business with $1.8m in revenue, 8 employees, and growing 20% annually.

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